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Kosovo has multiple terrains and mountain forest, in which grow many wild fruits. Many inhabitants have insured their income for their family with the collection of these fruits, collection and sale of: mushrooms, blueberries, rose hips, junipers and different curative flowers.

SH P K "BESIANA –G" was established in 1991 named "BESIANA COMERCE" and now it is one of the main enterprises in sector of collection, processing and sale of wild products non-woods.
Our main products are blueberries, mushrooms, rose hips, junipers, different flowers and leather. We have developed very good business relations with many collectors involved in this business, mainly from Kosovo and other sides. Our company has employed 20 permanent workers, whereas at season time there engage 100 seasonal workers every year. Previous years in municipality of Artanë (ex Novo Brdo), We have prepared a collection point for processing the products mentioned above with enough space ,equipped with cold storage at +0°C to -25°C with enough capacity ,we also possess the machines for drying of these products.

To be more competitive in the market we are equipped with standard certification HACCP.

The main objectives of the company are:
• Increased quality of products exported
• Increase the competitiveness of local businesses
• And about employment